Peruvian Artistry

We offer a modern and efficient platform in order that Peruvian artisans can offer their products to responsible consumers all around the world. Our services of marketing and sales, order centralization, quality control, and packing guarantee the total satisfaction of your order.

Our Logo represents three leaves of the coca plant which in Andean culture are selected to compose a “Coca Quintu”. The Coca Quintu is offered to Mother Nature in thanks for her life and productivity. It is also offered from one person to another as a gesture of affection and respect.

Our Producers Are artisans from the departments of Lima, Huanuco and Ayacucho. We work with six already established groups, with legal constitution and empowered of its artistic tradition. Additionally, we work with a group conformed by women member of the program Ayni Warmicuna, who after attend our workshops are commissioned to produce articles of our trademark Peruvian Artistry.

We are grateful for your interest in our fair trade program and you are invited to enjoy the art and creativity of our ancient culture with products made from materials of the highest quality.

People Involved:

Nikole Hidalgo is the creator of Peruvian Artistry and the director of Instituto Tierra Yaro. Nikole runs the Peruvian Artistry fair trade program. She has worked in conservation and development projects run by governmental organizations and NGO’S in various under-developed, frontier areas of Peru. She has published articles and calendars to promote Peruvian biodiversity.

Ethel Rolando is the co-founder of Instituto Tierra Yaro, she is currently the manager of the Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito San Francisco. From her position in the cooperative she became interested in the creation of Peruvian Artistry as a means of linking artisans from Huanuco with the fair trade network.

Instituto Tierra Yaro provides the legal constitution and administrative framework for Peruvian Artistry. It was founded as a non-governmental organization in 1992 and since then it has supported projects in nature conservation and sustainable development. Through its publications it fosters the revaluation of Peru’s history and culture. Its work is focused on the region of Huanuco in the central highlands of Peru.

Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito San Francisco LTDA. under the direction of Ethel Rolando, is an important ally to Peruvian Artistry and the Instituto Tierra Yaro. Since it was founded fifty years ago, in the city of Huánuco, the Cooperativa San Francisco has archived predominance in the region by supporting personal and communal business through microfinance. Its network of relationships enables Peruvian Artistry’s sustainable and diverse production in the area between the towns of Huánuco, Tingo María and Pucallpa.

Ayni Warmicuna is a program for independent working women financed by the Cooperative San Francisco. These women provide for their families by raising animals in small-holdings, through small workshops or informal businesses. Peruvian Artistry’s own trademark products are produced by the women of Ayni Warmicuna who posses skills in weaving, sewing and embroidery.

Products are designed and developed at monthly workshops. The women take the materials provided to their home workshops where they can advance their work whilst caring for their family. Peruvian Artistry pays for each item according to the time invested, basing the payment on the minimum salary established by the government. In most cases this is twice what they would get from working independently. In this way the women of Ayni Warmicuna are provided an income without affecting their quality of life or impacting their capacity to care for their family.