Deals for Wholesalers

Do you wish to sell products from Peruvian Artistry at your store? Here you will find a list of all the benefits for you and your store:

- Wholesale discounts: When you purchase more than three of the same item, our system immediately registers it as a wholesale purchase. The discount per item when doing a wholesale purchase appears underneath QUANTITY DISCOUNT

- 50% discount in shipping costs: For purchase orders above US$5,000.00 (five thousand American dollars). Conditions: Not applicable for alabaster products. Only for payments through bank transfers. Shipping through regular post only.

- Free samples. According to your shopping history, after the second wholesale purchase you will receive a free sample of one of our products that might suit your shop’s style.

- Personalized labels. If you wish for our products to carry your label, you can always send us your design and specifications. You will be charged for the labels’ material only, while the labelling service remains free!

- Exclusive designs. Abiding by our technical and material limitations, you can develop your own designs. Check our catalogue to have an idea of what our crafty artisans are able to produce.

Please keep in mind: When you make a wholesale purchase, Peruvian Artistry orders the production of the lot. According to the quantities that were ordered, your production could take from one week up to a month to be taken to the post office. Please coordinate with our team to know the real approximate delivery time.